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Episode 93: Should I be afraid of an IRS audit? (with Ben Golden)

March 17, 2023 Julie Herres Season 3 Episode 93
Therapy For Your Money
Episode 93: Should I be afraid of an IRS audit? (with Ben Golden)
Show Notes

Tax season is upon us! One of the biggest worries we often hear from our clients is that they may be audited, and while that is unlikely to happen if you properly file your taxes, it's important to have some information to feel prepared. Today, Julie is joined by Ben Golden of IRS Trouble Solvers to talk about who may be audited, what to do if you are audited, and that audit's don't have to be scary!

Ben learned the value of hard work on his family’s farm in rural Alabama feeding and milking the cows and driving a tractor cutting hay, amongst many other duties, after school at the young and tender age of eight. These hard-earned farm family values were instilled in him very early on and have carried through with him, always.  Tax resolution is not just a profession to him.  It is, indeed, personal as he has had his own experiences dealing with the IRS fighting to right issues which arise from Identity Theft and an IRS Agent failing to follow proper protocol.  These issues brought him into repeated interactions with various IRS agents, officers, and multiple units within the IRS.   These experiences only reaffirmed what Ben already knew: Individuals and professionals untrained in tax resolution are at a tremendous disadvantage dealing with the IRS.  Having fought his own battles with the IRS, Ben’s clients can count on him to fight for the best resolution possible with compassion, integrity and the utmost professionalism garnered over his career and practice.


  • Why would someone be audited?
    • Very simply, it could just be your turn. There isn't always a specific reason.
    • Most of the time, you will be audited from leaving something off of your return and their taxes are underreported.
  • Being audited doesn't always mean you're in trouble!
    • It's very important that you respond to any IRS correspondence you receive
    • Always consult with a professional, like the experts at IRS Trouble Solvers, if you're unsure how to proceed
  • How do you prepare for an audit?
    • It really depends on what the IRS is asking for
    • They may just need you to submit a specific document, or they may require an agent to come into your office in order to look through your books

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