Therapy For Your Money

Episode 89: How To Make Your Money Work For You (with Nicholle Overkamp)

February 10, 2023 Season 3 Episode 89
Therapy For Your Money
Episode 89: How To Make Your Money Work For You (with Nicholle Overkamp)
Show Notes

Your private practice and personal finances are more intertwined than you may think! Figuring out what you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle directly correlates to the revenue your business needs to generate in order to maintain that lifestyle. Today, Julie's sitting down with Nicholle Overkamp of PowHERhouse Money Coaching to talk about making your money work for you, your lifestyle, and your practice.

Nicholle Overkamp is a personal finance expert and business coach for women She's the Founder and CEO of both Wilcox Financial Group and PowHERhouse Money Coaching. Nicholle uses her money mastery skills to foster no-judgement environments where women can be open and shameless about their finances and habits. She knows that a critical factor in growing wealth is one's mindset and sense of self-worth - it's about setting boundaries, having discipline, and knowing you are worth every dollar you invest in yourself, your future, and your life.


  • Do you need to be wealthy in order to build wealth?
    • If you look at the majority of wealthy individuals in the world, most of them started from the ground up with nothing
    • They key to building long-term wealth is discipline and consistency
    • Even if you start with a small amount every week, the numbers will add up over time - anything is better than nothing!
  • Out of sight, out of mind
    • Being able to automate finances can make growing your wealth so much easier
    • Automating setting aside money for taxes, reserves, and even future business needs as if you're setting aside money for bills will change your mindset about investing in growing your wealth
  • Building a legacy is a relative term
    • Legacy planning looks different for every business and is very individualized based on your circumstances, wants, and needs
    • Who are you picturing as your successor? What do you need to implement in order to make that happen successfully?

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